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Politics and Political Blogs
Whatever your political persuasion — right, left, or center — the blogosphere is a great place for bloggers to share their political views and make plenty of friends and enemies. We try to follow the conservative, liberal, and everything in between of politics and political blogs/blogging — but only when it intersects with business blogging. Have a read below […] ...»

How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years
I left my blog dormant for a few years, but I’m finally back in the saddle! I drafted up a post entitled “How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years” because it seemed fitting. Here are my main points to get you started: 1. Jump in and write something. No […] ...»

Grow Your Blog Business: The Earn-Millions-in-Your-Flip-Flops Framework [Case Study]
Former mortgage broker and digital information business expert, Susan Lassiter-Lyons built her business online, and grew it to a six-figure income in only seven months. She attributes her amazing success to a simple framework she developed and perfected over that time. Recently, I met with Susan and she shared with me her "$1 Million digital […] ...»

Three Cheers for Author Bloggers!
In my opinion, blogging and book writing go hand-in-hand. All it takes to bridge the gap from blog to book is a bit more forethought, discipline, and structure, and of course a publisher, and BOOM! you’ve got a book. Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. My experience co-authoring a book (The Art […] ...»

Business Blogging for Realtors
With the decimated housing market fueling the Great Recession, savvy realtors have realized they needed to “up their game” with their online marketing in order to keep food on the table for their families. Where did they turn? Why, blogging of course, among other things. I had an opportunity recently to sit down with one […] ...»

Advertising and Search: the one-two punch
I received a great reminder recently while I was at AdTech in San Francisco. This guy was mobbed everywhere he went! Why? Because he is on TV! I was immediately reminded of the Seinfeld episode where they are pitching the Show About Nothing: Producer: “So why am I watching” George: “Because it’s on TV!!” Here […] ...»

Content Curation in B2B Marketing
Many of the B2B companies that publish corporate blogs have long realized the value of publishing useful content in the form of white papers, case studies, webinars, newsletters and other types of educational content. Business buyers typically seek additional information and resources for information on business products and services. In the growing content marketing field, […] ...»

12 Tips for Marketing New Blogs
Plenty of new B2C and B2B blogs are launched every day and the sheer volume of content makes standing out increasingly difficult. My personal experience as a B2B Marketing pro, is that blogs can be one of the most effective ways create connections with prospects and customers through useful content. However, that content will go […] ...»

Where Did All the CEO Bloggers Go?
CEO blogs used to be all the rage within the business blogging community. Remember when we’d hear blog consultants gush about CEOs who dared to blog with transparency and authenticity. I rarely hear much talk about CEO bloggers anymore. Do you? Remember Jonathan Schwartz? He was the poster child of blogging CEOs, the now former […] ...»

New Survey: Are Blogs Still Important for SEO and Why?
A large number of companies are familiar with the process of starting a blog, but few have experienced the challenges of maintaining and growing a blog for more than a year. Understanding long term benefits is key to sustainable business blogging. One of the most notable benefits of publishing blog content, especially if optimized, is […] ...»

Take the Business Blogging and SEO Survey
Blogs serve many purposes for companies and individuals alike. As easy to use content management systems, blog software enables companies that are “content challenged” a mechanism to create content for subscribing customers and search engines. While many companies start blogs with SEO in mind, there are many overzealous claims and exaggerated expectations about what works […] ...»

Las Vegas is for Bloggers: Blog World Expo, Cirque du Soleil, America’s Got Talent
I had a great time last week at Blog World. The turnout was great, at several thousand attendees. The show was buzzing the whole time, even on Day 1 which is normally a light day in terms of attendance. The sessions were *solid*. It was a “who’s who” of bloggers presenting. The networking (in the […] ...»

Anatomy of a Successful Blog Contest
Links are the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm, and so, link building is a crucial part of SEO. To be really successful at link building you need creativity, because without a great buzzworthy idea, your “link bait” will fall flat. One way to bait for links is a blog contest. If you do it right, […] ...»

Blogging Top Ranked Digital Marketing Tactic for 2009
Companies world-wide are cutting costs as well as looking for creative, high impact and accountable marketing. With concerns over the recession and its impact on marketing, I recently ran a poll of the 17,000 subscribers at Online Marketing Blog to discover their intentions for digital marketing tactics in 2009. Poll respondents cast 1,559 votes for their […] ...»

Being Direct About Social Media Marketing
Compared to typical direct marketing efforts (snail mail, DRTV, email, etc) where an offer is created based on a company developing a product and packing it to meet a need or purpose, a social media marketing program will focuses on creating awareness, relationships and possibly involving communities with creating the offer before it’s every promoted. […] ...»

Wiley Reaching Out to Bloggers by Mailing Books
Got a package from J Wiley, the publisher, last month. It contained a copy of Personal Finance for Dummies and a letter. Here’s what the letter said: Dear Stephan, It’s a new year, a start of new beginnings, challenges, and opportunities. Maybe you’ve resolved to try something new, to challenge yourself, and expand your horizons. […] ...»

How to Be Constructive in your Blog Commenting
Ever gotten an overly critical (perhaps vitriolic) comment, and decided to just delete it? I know I have. When I moderate comments, I don’t think of myself as a censor; I’m simply keeping the spam out. But sometimes, a comment just rubs me the wrong way. Usually I let it through, but I don’t give […] ...»

Why Blogger Is No Good For Business Blogging
I was recently running a workshop about Word of Mouse Marketing using social media from blogging to microblogging, podcasting to video casting and it was heartening to see that about 8 per cent of the 140 attendees were blogging about their business. However I then became disheartened as most of those blogs had been developed […] ...»

How Interactive is Your Blog? Measure It!
One of the coolest things about business blogging is the social interaction and community that is built when readers leave meaningful comments. Like a good story, a post elicits a response from the reader. As your community develops, the value of your brand increases. But this warm and fuzzy feeling that people get about your […] ...»

Learning From Business Blogging Mistakes
With as many right things you can do with a blog to make it successful, there are nearly as many things you can do wrong. Below are 3 common mistakes companies make with corporate blogs, why they make them and what you can do to avoid them. Mistake Number One: Not Setting Goals Many business […] ...»