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Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog
Posted on : September 10, 2007
When It Comes to Digital Transformation, Change Agents Matter Most
What is the most important factor in realizing technology change today? Is it having the right technology or tools? Perhaps leadership support, as that is cited by so many (including myself) as a top success factor. Maybe it’s the right strategy, or roadmap? However, when it comes to what actually matters most, I have found […] ...»

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What We Know About Making Enterprise Social Networks Successful Today
It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been over ten years now since the first early enterprise social networks (ESN) emerged on the market to make their initial forays into our organizations. They showed us then — and I believe even more now today — the bright new possibilities for how we might work […] ...»

It’s Time to Transform ERP into a System of Engagement
The IT industry has steadily been moving beyond its roots in data management and record keeping for a few decades now, approximately since the advent of corporate e-mail. As I’ve tracked over the years, this trend is more broadly known as the shift from systems of record to systems of engagement. Over the years, we’ve […] ...»

Using Online Community for Digital Transformation
Driving successful change in a large organization has always been one of the most difficult activities in business. But for those who are principally tasked with carrying their organizations forward into the digital future, they are currently facing perhaps the single most challenging large-scale enterprise activity of our time. One has only to look at […] ...»

In Digital Transformation, Culture Change Goes Hand in Hand with Tech Change
I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years identifying the best approaches for that urgent enterprise topic of our time, digital transformation. When I first started, I often looked to top examples of organizations that have started the transition and made good progress (see sample case studies below.) More recently I’ve derived […] ...»

Vital Trends in Digital Experience and Transformation in 2016
This year I was invited again to come to Dreamforce in San Francisco and present on the latest developments in digital experience and digital transformation for the conference’s Emerging Tech Trends track. Surprisingly well-attended given the satellite location of the track at the Hilton Union Square, having to prepare this session is always a good […] ...»

Dreamforce 16: Live Blogging the Benioff Keynote #df16
The annual main keynote session here at Dreamforce in San Francisco starts today at 1pm ET in Moscone Center. I’m onsite in the industry analyst section just 50 feet or so from the main stage, so I should get good photos as for the live blog. The usual flair is on display with a well […] ...»

Seeking a Modern Foundation for the Digital Workplace
Take a few minutes and try to imagine the workplace of the near future. What does it look like? Some of the likely items to consider are these: Are mobile, cloud-based productivity and collaboration apps the center of the next-generation digital workplace? Will we all switch over from e-mail to Slack-like lightweight messaging services supported […] ...»

The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: Community, Tech, Business Models, and a Change Platform
I’ve been making the argument lately that the single largest obstacle in successful digital transformation is change itself. Surprisingly, the arrival of new technology is generally not the large hurdle to becoming more digital in a meaningful way, though it certainly represents a large and growing learning curve. Yet learning the new technology is manageable […] ...»

More Evidence Online Community is Central to the Future of Work
Within the last month, two new industry reports have been released that shed important new light on how we’re going to be organizing and operating our organizations in the coming years. Many of you know my point of view in this regard: Social technology has at this point largely transformed the consumer world, yet the […] ...»