OPC: Other People’s Content; what it is and why your website needs it | Webepreneur

OPC: Other People’s Content; what it is and why your website needs it | Webepreneur

OPC: Other People’s Content; what it is and why your website needs it

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OPC: Other People’s Content; what it is and why your website needs it
Posted June 10, 2009 by Brett Miller

You have a website.  It has beautiful graphics and you have taken care to make sure that the keywords are what you think people to search for you with.  Now what?  You are excited for the day when you will show up on Google searches and business will be rolling in.

You know that you can pay to get Goggle placement, but if you are like most small businesses right now, there isn’t a lot of budget for that.  So, you decided to work on your website by making the content fresh, relevant and plentiful. 

One of the best ways to do this is to use OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT.  Now I don’t mean that you plagiarize someone else’s site or materials.  No, not at all. Did you know that there are other people out there that have wonderful content that WANT you to use it?  Let me give you some examples.


We all know about blogs, web logs, people create on any and every subject imaginable.  People put up all kinds of fresh content around a topic.  What you need to do is to search for blogs that are about one of your key words.  Say for example, you sell real estate in Boston.  If you Goggle “Boston Blog” you will find thousands of blogs on everything from entertainment in Boston, to weather in Boston, to sports in Boston.  You can also find similar blogs on real estate news.  If you add these blogs as external blogs, you are able to get new content around your keywords and your site will constantly be changing with updated relative content.   


All blogs have something called an RSS feed.  This is a feed that you are able to then stream into your website. These blogs don’t have to have prominent placement, but the fresh content will keep the search engines happy.

You can also find RSS feeds for other things such as eBay items for sale or just other information that people have links in and want you to put on your site.  

Some of the Search Engines, like Yahoo, have made it really easy to create an RSS feed out of search results. 


If there is one thing that Google loves, it is video.  Youtube.com has videos on any and every topic imaginable.  You Tube has made it very easy to take videos from others and place them on your site by using the embed code that is located to the right of every video.  All you need to do is copy that and paste it on a blog on your site.   

It doesn’t matter if you are an attorney or a real estate agent.  One of the best ways to get your website higher in the search engine rankings is by using OPT – other peoples content.  A little work when you first set them up and then checking to make sure feeds don’t go down will go a long, long way.   

Brett Miller is the founder of HoopJumper Websystems.  Find out more about his Webepreneur® Websystems that have built in easy to use internal and external blogs at www.webeprenuer.com


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